Friday, March 25, 2011

Bridal jewels n' donuts with Mrs. P!

The newly married Mrs. P. asked me to incorporate a pretty family heirloom brooch in a bridal head piece. We chose some lovely accent colours to match her teal shoes that were a particular colour that somehow made me think of that indescribable sheen of a peacock feather. I think it worked out quite well!
We also decided on these simple and elegant earrings to go with. I hope the newlyweds are enjoying their honeymoon right now -- I am sure they are!

On a side note, we met at Little Nicky's so I could present her with her new accessories. They have the most scrumptious homemade mini donuts. We thought they had the perfect mix of cinnamon and sugar.
I quite like their vintage decor and their americanos too!
There goes another work week! Well, not exactly... with the One of a Kind Show next week, or in a few days really, I plan on working a fair bit this weekend. Sometimes I don't mind when I'm in a good groove, so I had better get back to it while I'm in that state! Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

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