Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lovely long weekend

They were calling for loads of rain, which seems to be the case almost every day lately, and it did rain, but for the most part the long weekend was lovely! I managed to get plenty done and see lots of friends, some of which I had not seen in too long.
I went for a couple long bike rides... got a little fresh air and exercise...
and admired the waterfront and skyline while escaping the city streets.
Found a good vantage point to experiment with my newly downloaded app, Photosynth. It's pretty cool... it patches a bunch of snapshots together to form a panoramic image in mere seconds. I think you can click on this image to see it bigger. (If you like.) Funny how green short guy appears several times and got lopped in half each time. Also, probably would have been a good idea to move my bike out of the photo, but anyhow... Now I have one more photo app to play with! My poor camera has been slightly neglected.
Today I caught some time on a sunny patio for a quick cocktail with A. before heading over to J. and T.'s for a delicious barbeque... I was lucky enough to enjoy a couple relaxing backyard get togethers this weekend! Very refreshing for a gal that lives in a high rise!
Love the foliage and flowers at this time of year. Everything seems to be popping up a bit late with the cooler temps, but I love when the leaves are this fresh, lush green. Every leaf looks perfect, with not a bite or a crease in it. Simple things please me...
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!

I should be sleeping and not late-night blogging! Until the morning...

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