Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lobster Festing

After driving up to Collingwood in the fog and darkness the weather held up for the rest of the weekend. The C. sisters and their Mom hosted a bunch of us for the Lobster Fest weekend. Prior to Festing, we poked around the Village... while a vintage car show rolled in...
Caught 18 holes of mini golf... which I enjoyed... haven't played mini golf since I was a kiddo.
Saw some camouflaged friends in the rough!
Then rolled our crew into the arena in Thornbury for some full-on seafood hilarity and serious gluttony!
Each of us gobbled 2 whole lobsters and piles of sides before dancing the night away in the arena.
Loved how everyone showed up with themed decor, costumes and desserts too! Think it was quite a huge social event in the area...

Good times! (Though I think we are all off lobster for some time at this point.)

I am so happy to see the warm weather arrive for real this week. Maybe we'll get a few rain-free days!

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