Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Ex!

Here are some pics from this year's visit to the Ex! Didn't bring my actual camera as it was a rainy day, but phone pics are fun too! We only had an hour to run around frantically eating, riding and playing. And that we did!
(I am looking a bit crazed as I was exhausted!)
I happily flew around this ride like Superman then got off and was smacked with a raging headache... so I didn't venture on to any other rides. Plus, all I could think of was food...
Felt nauseous just watching my friends stumble out of the pods on the Zipper...
Our friend F. won me a Smurf! And is apparently excellent at the basketball toss!
Here I am, pleased as punch in my rain poncho. My new blue friend and I are checking out his pals. Some of them are ginormous!

Had a great time! Hope to head back for another visit this week. I just love all the colours and the gaudiness of the whole affair!

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