Monday, August 15, 2011


Had a fun weekend out and about enjoying the city. On Saturday we brunched in Kensington after our late night the day before... then headed to the Island for an afternoon micro-vaycay!
This is no pink coral Bermuda sand, but it was still nice to relax by the water in the warm sunshine!
Grabbed dinner at the charming Rectory Café, which has a small but nice menu. Our meals were all pleasantly tasty!
Our afternoon was too brief! As the sun began to set, we biked over to catch the ferry back to the city. We shall have to return again for another mini getaway!
Love my Lilliput Hat! I've got another one that is being sized to my large noggin! Have to pick it up this week, but it's more of a Fall hat, so I'll have to wait to wear it!
Had a brief rest, before heading out for the evening. The highlight was catching our friend's 11 or 12 piece band play atop the bars on both sides at La Palette. Wish I had better photos.
Sunday was spent brunching and visiting with family. My Grandmother did not seem herself yesterday and this morning she was admitted to the hospital. I am really hoping she will feel better soon! Broke my heart to see her looking so little and helpless today in her hospital bed.

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