Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eye wear

I recently broke my glasses.  It's a big bummer even though they were super cheap online numbers and I didn't even love them, but they were my first pair of glasses in over 20 years of wearing contacts and more importantly my first pair ever that didn't make my dizzy.  Oh well!  The fun part now, is looking for a new pair!  My Sis and W gave me a gift certificate to my fave glasses spot down the street.  I tend to buy sunnies there.  On my latest visit, I spotted these from Oliver Goldsmith.  Perfect! Beautiful frames in a neutral colour that fit my apparently over-sized head!  Now I just need to decide if I am willing to splurge.  I'll be a responsible consumer and see what else is out there, I suppose!  If I don't order these glasses, I'll get these lovely Paul Smith shades with the gift cert!  Either in the Onyx with Mahogany or the Nude.  Don't know which I like better!  Thanks to Sister and the future Brother-in law!

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Sam Times said...

Losing your first pair of eyeglasses is really depressing. It reminds me of the time when my brother decided to borrow my glasses and never returned them. At least I got myself a new pair.


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