Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello! Hey!

Here are some recent photos from my phone.  I must opt for the phone less often and stop neglecting my real camera.  Have I said that before?  Probably!  Here's some Instagram fun...
Little corner in the apartment.
Huge bag of spinach...  will resemble Popeye soon.
Cutest little car.
Crazy vibrant sky.
Fun with polish.  Can't get enough of the gold with the precision tipped brush.
Ginger for tea!
City at sunset.
Coffee shop meeting for Mode Show plans.
Going through some of the goods in the studio.
Freezing cold Winter day in the city.
Sister's make-up artist for a pre-wedding test run no-showed.  We were not impressed but had fun playing with her colours.
Amazing pickled goodness at Gilead Café.

Delicious weekend lunch.

This weekend went by too quickly!  Was feeling subpar the past couple weeks -- spent too much time indoors and got a little bit stir crazy.  So I didn't mind not being home much this weekend, but I am paying the price for too much eating and drinking.  Completely exhausted!  Busy weeks ahead...  Will have to get super-organized (never my forté) and try to get on top of things... Need to pay special attention to all the details that need to be refined in preparation for the Mode Accessories Show.  Okay... bye for now.  Goodnight!

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