Monday, January 4, 2016

Sunny getaway

An extreme cold weather alert is on here in Toronto. Sounds like an ideal time to look back on vacation photos! Didn't take too many pics, but had a nice relaxing getaway to Punta Cana a few weeks ago. We didn't expect that "adults only" resort meant a mostly age 75 plus population, so it was very quiet and sleepy at our resort, but we really got to relax and the weather was a perfect 28 degrees and sunny. It was an ideal way to wind down after a busy Fall and hectic Holiday Season and it felt so good to give my calloused hands a proper break from the jewellery pliers! It will probably be some time before I get to dip my toes in turquoise waters again! Now that it is so cold here, I really wish I could teleport back to the beach!

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