Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Snapshots from Wayhome

I am way behind on my blogging! I have so many photos piling up that I wanted to share!

A few weeks back, we got some passes to Wayhome and thought why not check it out, but just for one of the three days! It was a sizzling weekend, as every day seems to be lately. Three of us loaded up in the car with lots of sun screen, snacks and ice waters and pretty much every keep-cool method that was portable. Umbrellas and spray misters were a lifesaver.
The traffic was hellish and the venue was huge. The Health app on my phone showed that we walked about 17 Km that day in the blazing, scorching, searing sun! Of course, we did see some pretty good bands, so the adventure was worth it! Highlights were the Arkells, Major Lazer and Arcade Fire.
(photo credit: Flare/Melissa Trainor)
This was pretty fun! I was snapped by Flare Magazine for the street style report from the Festival! Loved all the beautiful flags and the arc of balloons, so I was pretty excited when a friend spotted the photo and sent me the link! I was wearing a favourite dress that I have had for a few years. I knew that a light colour would be a must in the heat! For jewellery, I'm decked in the Coil Necklace, Jeweled Bracelet, New Connection Bracelet and Power Bracelet in labradorite.
As day turned into night, we met up with a big group of friends and enjoyed the fresh evening air and last few bands. I had promised to do the return drive and after a day in the sun on our feet, it was a huge struggle, but we made it back intact! By the time I got home, showered and to bed, it was 5am. The next day was jammed with family activities so there was no rest for the wicked. I felt like it took me a week to recover. I feel tired even recalling the experience! In the future I think I will stick to music festivals closer to home. I'm too old for this craziness!

Today the winds were gusting and the temperature dropped from a bazillion degrees to 25 or so and I was already missing Summer. It isn't even over yet! I'm going to soak up as much of my favourite season as possible. #ILOVESUMMER!

Hope you have been enjoying your Summer too! 

Off to bed... it's so late. Zzzz



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