Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Mode

In the days since the One of a Kind Show wrapped, I have been working on custom and special orders, re-stocking stores and working on online orders. On top of that, I have been out almost every evening catching up with friends and family. I love the chaos of this time of year. I much prefer to keep up the pace after the hub bub of OOAK. I'll hibernate and lay low in the new year!

Last week I visited City of Craft. Had to maintain my craft show dosage! Loved the vibe there and left with a handful of handmade gifts to add to my OOAK haul. I especially admire the top notch job they do with the decor. I'm a sucker for a shiny garland!
Here are some other snapshots of life lately. This is the Auroral Bracelet in Multi. This design has been a hit this season, and I think I might have to keep one for myself!
Soul Brunch with some pals! Live music and good eats is always a good combo.
Crystal Bauble Rings are still a customer fave, especially at this time of year!
New to the line this season is ribbon style chokers! I did 5 styles for FW16 and this Gilded Ribbon Choker in black was one of the most popular. Check out the website for more colours and other styles!
A real downer this week was when I heard that our neighbours at 401 Richmond, a hub for art, culture, creativity and innovation has been hit with a massive tax hike that may threaten it. So upsetting. The soul of a city is built on culture and experiencing it, not yet another bland condo. Check out the Toronto Star article here. Really hope they are able to wage a successful appeal.

Winter has definitely set in in the last few days. Felt like it was not going to arrive, but it sure is cold and snowy now! I had to miss out on a few plans this week with my lack of snow tires letting me down, but as I have been go go go, perhaps it is ok. I still have a fair bit of Christmas crafting and shopping to do! How about you? Christmas is one week away! Tomorrow is the last day for online orders within Ontario. Local pick-ups will be available until Friday. Just get in touch!

I still have to share the remainder of my Italy photos! I'll get on that, now that life is beginning to calm down... 

Stay warm friends!



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