Thursday, December 1, 2016

Show's on!

Hi everyone! We are over halfway through the One of a Kind Show already! Thank you to so many of you for coming by! I love seeing everyone! Over the last 16 years I have gotten to know so many other amazing exhibitors. It's especially amazing to see our favourite customers come by to say hi show after show! We really have the best, most loyal and nicest customers!
One of the best was so nice to bring me these delicious cupcakes! And they coincidentally went with the colour scheme of the day! I'm wearing the Circuit Bracelet. I made some special ones in luscious coloured glass currently only available at OOAK. It's my favourite thing that I made for this show. I was so excited when I made the first green one, I took it to my bedside like a little kid with a new toy at the end of the night! Haha!

Four more days remaining at the show! Tomorrow (December 1) is the Late Night Shopping eve, so I had better call it for today and catch a few zzzs. It's a great time to come as we are open until 11pm and perks include free parking after 5pm.
Hope to see a few more of you! Come visit us in Booth Y-04. The show runs until Sunday, December 4th!

Here is the coupon code to save on tickets: ETCVT4HA

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