Sunday, April 9, 2017

Thank you!

MoonRox at #OOAKS17

The One of a Kind Show wrapped a week ago already! It is always so busy leading up to the show and the days after as well. I have been meaning to express a huge thank you to those that came to the show, whether to peruse the wares or just to say hello!

A super sweet and charming lady that has become a favourite regular customer remarked that she is sinful as she picked out a set of jewels for herself. She then mischievously stated that you cannot be kind without being sinful. I don't think she would mind if I told you that she is at a more mature stage in life than I am, so I gladly soaked up her warm vibes and wisdom. Thanks to all of you that came by and committed your own sins and picked out a piece of jewellery or two for yourselves. Also, a special thank you to my always supportive friends and family that never hesitate to step forward to lend an extra hand! I have the best people around me!
MoonRox at #OOAKS17
The days post show have been busy but chilled out. I have been catching up with friends, organizing post craft show, working on shipping out orders and finishing up a website update. The new Spring/Summer Collection will go live on the site on Monday, April 10th. You see all the pieces pictured here and much more! 

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