Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Throws in colour

My friend KK enlisted me to help her and her husband to inject some colour into their recently renovated, and mostly white home. We decided to start with some throw cushions for their third floor den or secondary living space. We chose colours that reflected her Indian roots but didn't restrict ourselves when it came to selecting patterns.
I enjoyed making these comfy cushions and am pretty darned happy with how they turned out. Might have to make some new options for my own home. Really love the pom-pom trim! I splashed the pillows around my home to take these photos before handing them over to head to their real home. I hear they look great on their contemporary couch! Onto the next project! I have a big list of projects in my mind...
(I detest ironing -- don't mind the wrinkles!)

Have a great day! Where did May go? This long awaited drastically improved weather is so welcome, humidity and all! Makes it hard to concentrate on work though...

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