Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye to May

I can hardly believe that today it is June already.  I know this is a "Shit girls say" type statement, but I can't help myself.  I even typed 2011 on an invoice today.

I have been a slacking blogger this week.  Yesterday I wished to myself to be disconnected from the internet.  Sometimes it can be too much... do you agree?  I was fondly remembering the pre-internet/text message/e-mail world and by wishing to be disconnected, I think I cursed myself!  The internet here was down for most of today.  Of course it was just on the day that I had a Skype interview scheduled.  Most days, as in 362 days a year, I can live without the internet, but not today.  Thank goodness for smart phones and keys to the Sister's pad.  So I take it back, I don't wish to be disconnected.  In fact I want to share with you -- here on this little weblog -- my latest creations, yummy eats, and sights seen, so here is an onslaught of photos!
 and a lovely spot in Toronto.
Most delightful 80's earrings found in Sister's old collection.  The telephones are the best!
Wonderful patio days and evenings.
Frenzy at the Textile Museum's annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale.
Left with this Monet-looking fabric tucked in my bicycle basket.  I have yet to make plans for it... Perhaps a skirt.
Struggled with my side project for several more days this week.
Experiments continued with paint of different varieties,
animal balloons, papier mâché, 
clay and plumbing materials.
Walked/biked all over this fair city.
Roamed Kensington on the first Pedestrian Sunday of the year.  Great way to spend a day!
Live music and food and drink all about! 
I always love a random adventure!
Tried the hyped Kinton Ramen.  Fun, but a bit too frenetic a dining experience for us on this particular day.
Loving piled on bracelets as always!
Found a way to rig the bakelite chain bracelet I scored at auction so it doesn't fall off.  Now I get to enjoy it and mix it in with some MoonRox, of course!
Savoured tasty arugula and basil from the garden.
Sorted out the indoor plants too.
Began to search for much delayed and much needed new glasses online.  Some of these virtual try on features are pretty nifty.  The glasses adjust as you move around though have not quite moved to scale yet in this pic. Don't worry, I'm not buying lab goggles as spectacles!
Shopping and planning for the Fall/Winter Collection.  Finding inspiration in the inky blues with hits of brights here.  Lots of decisions to make in the weeks to come.

Oh!  Tonight I saw Marley, the documentary about Bob.  I ordinarily have trouble staying focused on movies.  I get itchy fingers and always want to be working or doing something with my hands when sitting still.  But I watched this film relaxed and intent at the same time.  I much enjoyed it, and the tunes of course.

That's it for now!  It is way past my bedtime.  Until the next entry!

Hope your week has been swell!

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