Monday, June 11, 2012

In recent days

Some happenings documented lately...
on and off rain storms 
stopping to literally smell flowers
stormy skies
floral nails -- not my greatest effort, but fun experiment nonetheless
working away
interesting tasks
double rainbow
farm outing with the ladies of the O. family
peeking through a tube slide at the Niagara escarpment
cute little girlies surveying the view from high up
wagon ride
blue hued pond
tasty cool treat
successful inaugural craft night... J.'s mouse in progress and...
lots of bright friendship bracelets made
 yummy fish tacos
garage sale roaming with S. and K. was not so fruitful
did more admiring blooms than acquiring yard sale loot (probably a good thing)
bug in a laneway
late night excursion dancing in the open air under the night sky 
and tasty eats.

Happy Monday!  Should be a busy week around these parts!  Looking forward to working on jewellery orders, busy meetings, some DIY home decor projects, checking out some Luminato events... and whatever else we can cram in!  Hope you have a great week!

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