Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At the One of a Kind Show. Five more days!!

This year's One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale has been excellent so far!  It has been wonderful to connect with so many of our fabulous customers.  We are so lucky to have such a loyal and fantastic clientele.
Like this cute lady that chose three hair pins that co-ordinated so well with her outfit, I had to snap a pic.  Here are some other photos taken at the MoonRox booth these past 6 days!
and Chevron Necklace (currently only available at the OoaK Show.)
 Bracelets galore!
Gem Necklace, Chevron Necklace and Moonshadow Bracelet.

Stud options!  Chevron Necklace and Moonshadow Bracelet

 Entwined Convertible Necklace all packed up! 
Fireworks Necklace in Scarlet.
Cracker Necklace - the Saltine.  Seems to be unisex!
Fireworks Necklace in Lemon Yellow.

And Now for some non-MoonRox items both seen and coveted while walking about.  
 Cutest bibs at Electrik Kidz.
Boiled wool head gear and accessories at Julie Sinden.  Everything I have gotten from Julie is so warm and has always made well received gifts.  Everyone needs a hat in this climate!
 Cutest knitted kids' stuff from Vintage Baby Revival.  
Drool worthy handbags from Hoi Bo.  Thought I wanted the pleated purse in the back, but now thinking I am in need of the mini in the front.
Stopped in a Bookhou.  Sister picked up a couple of lovely goodies.

Mehoi had some new and wondrous little cast brass work!  Will have to visit again for a proper catch up!
And here is Avril Loreti in her award winning new booth surrounded by her awesome wares!

Still have lots to see and some of my friends and favourites to visit!  But wanted to share this before the Show flew by.  We are already passed the halfway point!  Five more days to come see us at the One of a Kind Show!  The Show runs until Sunday, December 2nd.  Hope to see you!

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