Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall days

I'm generally not a fan of Fall, but I've got to say that the season produces some of the nicest turbulent skies and gorgeous rich sunsets.  Of course we could absolutely do without the hurricanes and storms that have landed of late.
This sunset was particularly stunning.  Gazed at it like a zombie trying to soak it all up.
Fall is always super busy.  I'm not sure if I have posted any of these photos before.  I tend to lose my mind regularly at this time of year... the result of wearing 50 million different hats to run this little jewellery biz in the most hectic time of year!  Getting super-excited for the One of a Kind Show!  Check in on our Facebook Page to win some free tickets!  Today our third draw was announced.  There are three pairs of tickets up for grabs!  Go and enter!  It's so easy!
I've been hard at work jimmying the website soon to re-launch and building up stock for the show as well as filling store and online orders.  Love all the pretty materials in use this season.  Lots of brights to cheer up the season!
Accidentally dumped a very well organized box of findings, and will have to finish tending to that mess another day, but visually I liked the jumble, so snapped a pic.
Daylight is so short, but maybe this is a good thing.  The evenings have been super productive!
Not that I haven't escaped for a few outings with friends and enjoyable breaks.
A late night dinner and birthday celebration...
Lovely home cooked meals...  S. made the yummiest jerk chicken for dins last week.  Salivating just thinking about it!
Potted some cuttings for friends.  Saving one for K.D. and then keeping one so to as to ensure some plants survive the winter.  
Cheerful lunch visits...  Got some ahhhmazing soaps from J.S., my now retired soap-making friend.  So happy to still be able to enjoy some of her delightful suds.
Supported Vonelle on their CD release night like a proud auntie.
Made sure to take advantage and enjoyed a rare balmy day with a market stroll.
Spotted a mention in the Now Magazine article about Toronto Fashion Heroes for 2012.  So thrilled to be listed amongst all these talents and icons.
And okay, I also really like Fall colours.  One more plus for Fall!
Did you notice how it's Christmas everywhere the second Halloween is over?  It's time to get our Holiday spirit on! Looking forward to a super-fun Holiday Season ahead.

For now, on to the next thing on my huge long checklist!  Putting my shipping and packaging hat on!  Have a happy day!  Bye for now...



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