Thursday, February 19, 2015

Art and Architecture Excursion

A couple weeks ago we rolled outta town and went on an art and architecture day across the border.  It's a quiet time of year, so we got a private tour of the Darwin Martin House by Frank Lloyd Wright. So fascinating to hear about such talent.  Our guide was a volunteer that was a retired teacher and you could tell he just loved talking about the property and about F.L.W.!  It was hard to tell what was original and what was reproduced in the house, but they are painfully restoring it to its original glory.   Difficult to believe that the house had a period of time that it was abandoned and in complete disrepair. The window shown in the first photo costs something like $20,000 for each one and there are so many!?  I think that is what he said!?  They will be slowly replacing them over time and when funds are available.  It is a beautiful home and it was super interesting to learn of its background.  

Following the Martin House tour, we went to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and toured the collection.  Highlights for me were the large Frank Stella pieces and the massive graphite wall drawing in the staircase by Sol Lewitt.  Snuck a few photos including one with the David Adamo pieces in the sculpture courtyard.  We left feeling inspired to paint which is really something I have neglected since art school.  It's now been added to my giant To Do List.

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