Sunday, February 22, 2015


DIY Gold Shoes!
We have the midas touch!  Jill (of Headmistress) and I have taken to making everything we touch turn to gold!  I had a couple pair of cheap and cheerful shoes that I had owned for a while.  Purchased them in a moment of poor judgement where I was convinced by the price.  I didn't quite think about how these colours are just not for me.  Well no problem...
Grab a can of gold spray paint and give those babies a few coats.  We took to our backyard, a.k.a. graffiti alley, where the scent of spray paint is the norm.  Make sure to remove laces, tape off the soles and fill the interior of the shoes with paper.  We only wanted to make the leather/suede parts golden and wanted to avoid over spray.  For even coverage, spray several light coats waiting for each coat to dry before the next coat.  The suede will absorb a lot and require several coats admittedly making them a bit crunchy, but I don't mind.
And taaaa daaaa!  The neglected shoes become every day wearables!  I always need more gold shoes!
This is one of my favourite photos taken all of last year.  Stumbled across this leaf stained sidewalk in Parkdale.  Beauty is everywhere!

Next up, DIY Polka Dot Gold Leather Skirt
Jill carefully cut out perfect round circles of tape and applied them to a vintage black leather skirt.  We eagerly took it out back and Jill gave it a few coats of gold.
Again, mist several light coats for even paint colour.
And wear napkins as masks if nothing else more effective is handy!
Once dry, remove the tape to reveal amazing black and gold dotted mini skirt!

We have found that the gold will develop a slightly antiqued look after a fair amount of wear, but that was expected.  Just don't be surprised.  After all, this is paint and not dye.

Anyhow, I am already lining up some more goodies to attack with the spray can!  Can't wait for Spring weather especially with these near minus 30 C temps!

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