Saturday, February 28, 2015

Postcards from Jamaica

My friend S. and I went to Negril in December.  Turned out to be a bit of a crazy idea to sneak away at such a busy time of year... I know I was missing out on serving MoonRox customers to my fullest when I wasn't in Toronto to ship out orders quickly, and I apologize, but it was still good to escape the city!

It turned out to rain torrentially every day for our entire trip!  We got a few decent hours every day and then a little bit of sunshine on a couple of the days!  Had to make the best of it and take lots of naps to catch up on sleep!

I loved the tree above... seemed to have so much going on!
Santa was feeling the Jamaican vibes.  It was definitely odd to be away in a warm climate over the Holiday Season... haven't been able to swing that in all these MoonRox-y years!
The beach was not ideal where we were... too may shed snake skins floating along the shoreline and sea urchins and debris for my liking! Looks okay in this photo but we confirmed we are sorta beach snobs after she had lived in Bermuda and I had visited Bermuda several times.  The beaches in most places just don't compare to the pink sand beaches of Bermuda.
We had to wait a few days for a decent afternoon weather-wise.  We brought along some travellers and headed down the beach to vendors, or the "boutiques" as our new friend called them.  We picked a nice spot called Office of Nature and met a couple friendly dudes serving up barbecue lobster.  We got to pick out our lobsters from the cage and they grilled up some delectable meals.  The lobster was served up with rice and peas and some nice garlic toast.  The weather was ideal for 2 hours in a row for the only time on our whole trip!  We were in heaven!
As soon as we got back to our room with plans to head to Rick's Caf√© for some drinks and to watch some cliff jumping, the skies clouded over again and the rain moved in.  Bummed out, we retired to our room for a rest.
On our last morning, the forecast was looking good and we got up early to take advantage before we had to catch our plane back to Toronto for the Holidays.  Now that we have had two months of absolute frigid temps here at home, I'll take another rainy day in Jamaica!

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