Saturday, February 21, 2015

INLAND Fall 2014

Now that I have a functioning computer again, I am slowly catching up on months and months of blogging.  It really should be a couple years of catch up but that old stuff is just a little too ancient news!  It's so refreshing to have a quick computer instead of staring at the ever frustrating spinning rainbow wheel that cripples my iMac!  So be prepared for some posts that don't reflect the freezing cold climate we are submerged in right now!

Way back on a sunny weekend in September 2014, we took part in a new show called INLAND that featured an amazing roster of fashion and accessories designers from across Canada.  It was at 99 Sudbury which is a lovely space. Here are some quick snaps!
Our friends Stacey and Karen of Dagg and Stacey clearly have spent over a decade as a design team and tight friends.  Matchy matchy!
The MoonRox display.
Rear patio facing the train tracks.  Snuck a couple wee escapes out here on this gorgeous weekend.
Hand knit pom pom toque by Simple Smiles & Co.
INLAND is working on their next show this May.  Currently contemplating whether or not to add it to the schedule.  In any case, we will have to visit!

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