Sunday, March 15, 2015

Memories of New York City

It has taken over half a year to post these pictures!  But now I can appreciate the experience all over again. 
I had always thought I would move back when I left school at Parsons a million years ago.  At the time, I was worn out and just wanted to be back home for a while.  I told myself I would one day move back and do New York right, as in not the over worked grouchy student life way.  My time there was a time of transition for me and I don't think I had adjusted to all of the change in my personal life and my living situation that well.  By the time I had gotten into the swing of things, it was near end.  
So, two Summers ago I took two weeks to hang out in New York in a rented apartment with no agenda whatsoever.  Just wanted to see the friends I had there and wander aimlessly around town.  Loved it!  Then last September I wanted to do it again, but was only able to swing one week.  Still great!  Got to see some amazing friends, and this time my friend S.F. was able to join for a bit too! We walked non stop.  Think we logged an average of 20,000 steps per day.  I have no idea what is normal, but this sounds like a lot to me! Here are some snap shots from a beautiful week in the big apple in September 2014.
Strolling and stopping here and there in SoHo as soon as we landed.
Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. A first for me.  The weather was perfect in the mid 20's and sunny.  The three of us thought roadie in hand would have been ideal!  Haha!
 Admired the architecture.  Man oh man, they just don't build things the way they used to.

Imbibed at McSorley's with new friends.
Reminisced about passing Union Square daily while in school.
Perused ABC Carpet and Home
Stopped for a bite and vino at Eataly as we are all about food!
Zoomed through Times Square to catch a show.  And spot a big baby.
Passed gaudy souvenir shops.  Added to my travel shot glass collection.
Had a *small* dinner at ACME.
Relaxed over a delicious brunch next to Julianne Moore at Café Cluny.
Grabbed a snack at Dominque Ansel Bakery.  Had the DKA.  Very tasty.
Ace took me to the Comedy Cellar.  Got cozy with strangers and had some good laughs!  
View from the apt on a cloudy day. 
Light Cave, the Friends With You installation near the Standard/Highline.
Late Bloom Necklace at rest on a drum!
Supply shopping bonanza.  Like Hoarders but all jewellery supplies.
Window shopping uptown.
Window shopping downtown.
Love a good pretzel.
Shiniest brightest blinding Indian restaurant.
Portrait Necklace and Glou Glou the fish.  Thankfully GG survived under our care!
Visited with the lovely ladies at Mariposa Communications!  Saw their sweet showroom and enjoyed a nice lunch with the team.
Wandered around on night time explorations!
Caught the Jeff Koons Retrospective, the last show at the Whitney's upper east side location.

So glad to have made it. Hard to believe these balloon pieces are metal.
And that was it!  Caught a flight back to Toronto hours later!  

Hoping to work out another stay sometime this year!  Reviewing these photos is giving me a big itch to visit! As they say, I <3 comment-3--="" ny="">

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