Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Winter Stations"

This Winter, we have a bit of a treat on the frozen shoreline.  Took a little afternoon break to check out 'Winter Stations' in the beaches.  There are 5 great installations built around the existing lifeguard stations at Kew Beach.  There was an international competition garnering 4 winners as well as a design by Ryerson students.  Each is a warming station to provide shelter from the cold in what has become one of the coldest Winters.  It was supposedly the coldest February on record.  So glad to see the arrival of March.
Turns out the Ryerson entry was the highlight for me!  I am a sucker for colourful things, especially in this palette!  The photos above show the "Snow Cone" by Ryerson Architecture students.  Loved how the interior is so amazingly colourful and how it is not totally evident on the outside.  It was like experiencing stained glass windows in a really beautiful church.  And I ain't religious!
This is the "Driftwood Throne."  It's made of 100% reclaimed lumber and has sheltered seating on each side.  One man sat in the -20 temps reading his book in the sunshine.
This orange sight is called "Sling Swing" with its design based on the Summer deck chair.  Enjoyed watching each swing flail in the Winter gusts of wind.  Of course I had to test it out.
This is the exterior and interior of "Wing Back", based on the wing back chair.  Lots of seating around a real fire would be excellent refuge from the cold.
Down the eastern end of the beach, we came upon "Hot Box" based on traditional ice fishing huts.  Nice simple design that serves its purpose well!
The shoreline has definitely been overtaken by Old Man Winter.  Still a really beautiful sight to see.  Felt like we were on another planet!
Head down to the beaches to check out 'Winter Stations' before they are gone on March 22nd.  It was a great little field trip.  If it's going to be cold, we may as well have interesting things to get us outside to better appreciate Winter!

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