Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tropical escape to Allan Gardens

Love a little dose of tropical in the city.  It was a sunny, sunny day and our heavily Winter-brained selves here in Toronto were so happy to enjoy it!  D and I took a crosstown walk to Riverdale and scooped back through Allan Gardens.  Such a great retreat.  You feel instantly energized by the greenery and the quality of air in there.  Here are some quick photos.
We are deep into Spring mode here!  Been sharing a lot of our photos from our Spring photo shoot over on Instagram and Facebook, but will have to remember to show some off here too!  

It's the final week before One of a Kind!  We're in Booth Q-38.  Hope you will come see us!  We'll have all of our new Spring pieces, and as always, some special items that are made only for the Show.  Stay tuned for two more ticket giveaways before the show!

Also, go here for a coupon code for show tickets.



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