Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Frozen Falls

Upon hearing that Niagara Falls was frozen, we knew we had to go see it!  On Monday the weather was reasonable, considering the outrageous number of extreme cold alerts we have had, so we took the afternoon off, grabbed a load of extra hats and scarves, and hit the road!

The American Falls were the most unique sight!  Frozen mist has formed these amazing pale aqua bulbous mounds.  Apparently this is the second time the American Falls have frozen this year.  It was just stunning!
Not to be left out, the Canadian side still flowed with majestic force, surrounded by frozen forms!  I somehow forgot my spare camera battery and then the one in the camera gave out... of course just as a beaming rainbow appeared.  Luckily had my trusty phone camera.
I don't think I have visited the Falls since the 8th grade, which was aaaaggges ago!  This is my first visit in the Winter and it was such a different scene from what I remembered.  It was a beautiful sight and wasn't swarming with visitors so didn't feel that tourist-trap-vibe I disliked so much in grade 8.  
(View from of Horseshoe Falls with mist rising.)

Loved the ice encrusted trees halfway between the American and Horseshoe Falls.  Couldn't get enough of the subtle colour of the purple-ish sky at dusk with the amazing aqua colour of the ice oozing out of the stone and the snowy, icy whiteness surrounding it all.  I felt like we had traveled to the Ice Age.
(This is what you find at the end of the rainbow!  Haha!)

You should check out the Falls before they melt if you can!  So stunning! Now enough of this frigid weather!  We are ready for a thaw!

Spring is coming!  It's just a day away here at MoonRox!

Tomorrow we are launching the first release of the Spring/Summer Collection!  Hope you will like the new pieces!

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