Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunny afternoon at the Bellevue

Friday was a nice sunny day so I decided to take a break and meet up with A. for a walk through Kensington. We noticed a new place at the corner of Bellevue and Nassau. We were walking up to check it out when a man riding a skateboard asked if we had met before. It was Chris that I had sold jewellery to a couple years ago for his former store. He and two partners have just opened up this cute café called the Bellevue!
They serve nice coffees and teas as well as a good but concise menu. I enjoyed a deeelish Colombian tomato and chick pea soup that I am still savouring. We sat at the bar stools in the window, sipped our teas and enjoyed a nice chat in the warm sun. The joint will soon be licensed and will eventually have another room of dining tables and a breakfast bar and a nice corner patio so I'm looking forward to spending some good days there!

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