Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swedish Hasbeens Spring 2010

Swedish Hasbeens has released their new styles and colours of '70's inspired clogs for Spring 2010! There are so many looks to choose from in the Great Things Never Die collection. Above is the Peep Toe Super High in Nature. I have the Cognac ones and love them, but I enjoy the aging process that natural leather goes through and fancy a pair in the Nature colour. I like 'em all, so I've included many in this post! Here you go!

Boots in many colours
This Cognac colour is the fave.

(The company envisions these pastel shades paired with a vintage bikini. I might not do it, but I could see it working!)

They also have some really nice bags that look sturdy and well made. Here is the Small Shouder Bag.

Alrighty! Back to work for a second before dins.

All images in this post from Swedish Hasbeens website.


Lisa said...

The more I see, the more I like. It's a toss up between the peeptoe and the braided - natural, pink or forest green? hmmmm, gonna have to think about it....

moonrox said...

I know! Too cute!


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