Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shiny bridal necklace

Here are some images of a chunky necklace made for a beautiful bride to be. These pictures hardly convey how shiny and light-catching this piece is! I had a tough time getting a good photo! I used hundreds of Swarovski crystal beads to make this shimmery piece! I hope it goes just perfectly with her wedding day ensemble! I think I've said this before (and recently) but it's fun and inspiring to work on custom items, especially when using techniques that I don't use in the pieces I produce for the season.
So happy that this necklace will be part of the couple's special day!


Wilma said...

Monique you've added such kind comments. The necklace is beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted. I tried it on with my dress and it matched perfectly. It is the perfect compliment to my dress which is a simple Mermaid style raw silk dress. Excited to wear it on the day of.

MoonRox said...

Hi Wilma,

I'm so glad to hear it works well with the dress! You'll knock everyone's socks off! Can't wait for the big day!




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