Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunny weekend in June

It was such a beautiful weekend here in Toronto. I love Toronto in the Summertime. There's so much going on and there doesn't seem to be enough time to catch all of the great events on around town.... Sad I missed some of the great music that came through the city this weekend, but it was still a good one!
Saturday was a perfect day to poke around the Trinity Bellwoods Yard Sale. I always enjoy roaming around this annual sale, but this time I had some friends selling some goods, so I spent a bit of time soaking up the day (and some rays) with them.
We picked up a few funny buttons (though not this one) but I think we all came away without bringing any significant trinkets/treasures home with us.
Enjoyed some lunch and had my ice cold banana popsicle before I ran off to get myself sorted to attend the long-awaited wedding of W. and W.
Good times with some of our oldest and dearest family friends! So many touching speeches! Really should have brought a wad of tissues... The bride and groom looked like a million bucks and the whole family is cute as can be! Congrats to the happy couple!!
Sunday was family day and even though my Dad was not in town, we were thinking of him on Father's Day!
Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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