Friday, April 13, 2012

Give and take

It's Friday the 13th!  I have been bordering on manic this week!  I've had to remind myself of what day it is more than once this week.  Such a frenzied week.  The Easter weekend feels like it was about a month ago.  Did so much running around and made a fair number of baubles in recent days!  Many were wrapped up in cute little MoonRox boxes!  Finished off a long check-list of custom orders and made a special necklace for my Sister.  Seems I have worked late into the night far too many times over the past few months.  I admit that I do not specialize in time management... so it is partly my own doing!  In the weeks ahead I'm hoping for some downtime to work on things that get neglected.  A top priority is the website.  Also, I feel the itch to take a vacation!
Yesterday I dropped off a pretty darned big selection of jewels to The Corsage Project.  Such a great cause.  The Corsage Project helps economically disadvantaged high school students attend their prom by providing free formal-wear.  I remember how excited we got for our formals at our school.  These events are a huge part of the growing up process and I'm happy to provide a little something to help someone enjoy a memorable day.  Visit their website if you'd like to lend a hand in some way too! 

I can't wait for the weekend...
May your weekend be smashing!



PS.  I managed to get this orchid to bloom!  So pretty...

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