Sunday, April 1, 2012

One more day!

Tomorrow is the last day of this Spring's One of a Kind Show!  Seems to have flown by too quickly!  I have been so busy I have not had a chance to blog until now!  It's late, so I'll try to keep it brief!
Here's a glam shot of the MoonRox booth!
Loads of Crystal Bauble Rings.
A wee bit of real food from the outside world to keep us going.
A stack of Tiny Charm Bangles.  Love these piled up.  
An array of Entwined Wrap Bracelets.
Entwined Convertible Necklace .  I've been wearing this a lot!
Eli, a new addition at Monster Factory, minding the MoonRox booth.
J.S.'s bright nails and a sparkly Entwined Rhinestone Necklace.

So those were pics from the MoonRox booth, and now for some photos caught while checking out a bit of the show.  Here are some of my favourite picks.
Beautiful sculptural hats from Wildhagen.
I have a couple winter ones from many years back that I love.
Awesome printed home goods from the super-talented Avril Loreti.  Picked up a few pretty things!  Oh, and Avril is the nicest gal ever!
Yummy leather wares from Erin Templeton.  Some of these bags have a pocket to stash your traveller beer.  Could come in handy!  For a picnic, say...
So many great colours!  

Tomorrow (I suppose that is technically later today) I hope to be able to walk the rest of the Show! 

It has been amazing to see so many friends/exhibitors and all my favourite customers!

Come by Booth Q-32 tomorrow if you are coming to the Show!

Goodnight dear reader!


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