Monday, April 9, 2012

And it's Monday...

Had a nice Easter weekend!  Seemed busy despite not having anything much planned.  Somehow the days got crammed with things!  Here are a few snapshots.  
Love that blossoms are in bloom all over town... so early this year...  B and I spotted a bejeweled tree!  There was a single earring nestled in the pale blossoms.  Even trees need a little bling!
I love cherry blossoms.  Love the colour of them, love the scent, love the shapes of the branches and love when the petals drift in the wind!
This weekend's paint job on the old nails...
The sun was out most of the weekend.  Makes me happy!  The ROM looked so nice in the late evening sun.
 Caught some afternoon live jazz at the Rex,
ate lots of treats and feasted with family!

'Twas a lovely weekend!  Hope yours was too!  Now the week ahead should be mad, insane, beautiful and very exciting!

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