Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crafting fun with paper lanterns

I worked on these crafty gems a while ago, but KK and hubby finally had them installed and lit!  So excited!  Both were relatively inexpensive and quick projects with big impact. The first is a huge feather bomb made using numerous ready made boas and a very large white paper lantern.  Copious amounts of hot glue was used, followed with plenty of burned finger tips. 
Next was a cluster of pastel coloured lanterns that were embellished with some gouache doodles to go with the existing blinds in the room.

I had lots of fun working on these lanterns and was so happy to hear that they loved them even more once they were hung up in the two dreamy rooms.  Now to find some lighting solutions for my own home...


Solenn Bouw said...

Hi !
I know this blogpost is quite old but I really want to create my own feather lantern so i'm trying to find the best way to do it right. Regarding the feathers, Have you done in it a precise manner or was it done randomly?

Thank you for your help !

MoonRox said...

Hi Solenn,

I used feather boas, so the feathers were already grouped together fairly nicely. I then went around the lantern in a spiral pattern around the sphere. Started from the top and finished on the bottom. You can play around with how much space you want between circles depending on how dense you want the feathers to be.

Have fun!



Solenn Bouw said...

Thank you so much, I'll try this as soon as possible!

PS : I really love your blog :)

MoonRox said...

Thanks Solenn!

Good luck with your lantern!


Erik Matthews said...

Do you remember how many boas you used?

MoonRox said...

Hi Erik. Sorry! I don't recall. I think it was about 10-12 as the lantern was quite large. I remember I needed more than I initially thought. Good luck!


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