Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunny days

After the long weekend, especially a glorious one, it's particularly hard to get back into the regular daily routine.  I was wishing today was yesterday... and spent the day fumbling with my pliers and dropping findings too many times.  

I am such a sucker for the sun.  The streets seem to come alive and everyone is out soaking up the nice weather.  Here are some photos taken while enjoying some of the offerings of this fair city over the past week or so.
Loaded wrist!  From top to bottom:  Entwined Wrap Bracelet, bracelet made for fun, bracelet made when I was 15, clover bracelet from friends at House of Moda, hair tie, Delicate Bracelet.
Lobster in a shop.
Twinkle Gem Earrings.
A visit at Philip Sparks.  Super nice people, beautifully made clothing.
Herb shopping.
Strolling home on a balmy afternoon via back alleys.
Mosaic of fruit and veg.
Massive Hungarian feast.
Yummy gummies.
And then the work week came to a close and it was the unoffical start to Summer for most Canadians.  Planned to spend the entire long weekend outside.  Friday was not warm enough to sit outside all evening, but a taste of Mexico warmed us up.

The weekend official was spent feasting and biking around town...  Lingering on as many patios or outdoor spaces as possible with as many awesome people as possible!
Looove this tree!
This was the most amazing scene.  Paella made from scratch on a charcoal barbeque... not a bad way to end the weekend!  Thanks to J and T for the most top notch BBQ I have ever been to!  Everything was delicious!
It seems to be the general consensus... No one from these parts can remember a May 2-4 that was so nice, weather-wise.  Felt like I had a real break from the daily stresses of life. Come to think of it, I've had two amazing and indulgent weekends in a row.  So good.  Must find a way to keep this going.
Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the lovely long weekend with me!

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