Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life lately

These are some snapshots of life from the past couple weeks.  
Wellington St.
Brunch at the Drake.
Fortune told.
Excursion to the east side to Ceili Cottage.
Interesting creations hung from a shop ceiling.
Spotted these cuties while supply shopping.  Have had a couple side projects that have been keeping me busy these last two weeks.
Fresh cut blooms.
Perfect stein... little too cold for a patio still, but did it anyway.
Snacking on fruits.
Birthday dinner for B at Guu Sakabar.
Chocolatey baked goods for breakfast is always a treat.

I've been suffering from a cold that seems to have felled many of late.  Been trying to ignore it as much as possible and keep plugging away.  Wasn't really possible today.  I have had a massive headache all day and felt as if I was flying around in space, complete with the huge helmet and the noises you imagine you'd hear up there!  I cannot wait to climb into my fluffy bed, so... bonne nuit... à bientôt...

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