Monday, May 14, 2012

A good time

And the weeks just keep flying by!
Here's some of the past week in photos.
On my massive hunt for materials for a perfect custom order, I spotted this paraphernalia... awesome vintage cameras and some old Toronto souvenirs.  Love the post card that reads "Queen Street, Parkdale, Toronto, Canada."  Oh how Parkdale has evolved!
Prettiest pink tulips.
Lunching with a fellow designer.  Catching up on life as a creative self-employed individual.
Packing up shipments!  Entwined Links Necklace in Cobalt Blue...
Dined under this pretty light fixture at KK's.
Painted the nails in tri-tone -- fancy style!
Made Mother's Day jewels for customers to gift!
The Locket Bracelet is such a great choice, especially if filled with personal photos and notes!

Then on Thursday night I stayed up super late to finish off all pressing work so I could take the day off on Friday.  My Sister had the day off too and we enjoyed an extremely fantastic and indulgent day of eating and drinking our way around town.
(I had to document this.  Sister wore things that were not black or grey!  This sort of occurrence has been rare over the past few years!)
Could not get enough of patio weather.  After a full day on the town, frequenting five establishments (not all pictured) and eating, amongst other things, fried chicken sandwiches, salad and fries, macarons, lemon meringue tarts, charcuterie platters, handmade pretzels and grilled cheese sandwiches accompanied by numerous beverages, both hot and cold, alcoholic and non.... and whooping it up with a bunch of my favourite people, I called it a day.  Phew!  Damn good day!  Hoping for many more much like it in the days ahead!
The weekend was just as lovely, only slightly less eating and drinking involved!  Thought I should limit myself to two establishments per day.  Responsible!
It's mid-May... so I decided to ditch the boots for a while!  Got some fancy new alternatives to the sad sad jelly shoes that I have worn to near scraps for the past 5 years.

On Sunday afternoon, I stopped in to the Inspirations Studio Spring Sale.  I was so impressed by how much the work of the women has progressed over the years that I have served on their advisory committee.  Love how each woman has such distinct style in their work.

In the late afternoon, I lapped up the sunshine and admired flowers all about before our usual Sunday dinner.  So great to see all the families out celebrating Mothers everywhere.
Ended a near perfect week under sun-dappled trees in a friend's yard and planned for a new week to begin tomorrow!  I suppose that is technically later today.  Goodnight!

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