Friday, October 9, 2009

A day with family

Aunt G. and Aunt E. came by this morning to scoop me up so I could join them for lunch with Mah Mah (my grandmother). We went to a place called Wok on Yonge. They serve a hybrid East/West version of high tea. We had our choice of several Japanese, Chinese, Fruity or English teas served with an assortment of dim sum and traditional high tea options. Little bit random, but was a rather enjoyable and very civilized way to have dim sum.
We pumped my Grandmother for stories from back in the day and even my aunts learned things that they had not known before.

In the evening, Aunt L. from the other side of the family took me to the opera! I had never been before. We saw Madama Butterfly. The Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts was an fantastic theatre and the show was excellent. Aunt L. picked up last minute tickets this morning. I had no idea you could see such amazing things for 20 bucks. It was definitely worth the hobble up to the 5th ring! Now I have to try to catch a ballet there one day soon.

Then we went for a snack in Chinatown. I felt just like my Gung Gung (Grandpa) walking around there with the cane that Aunt G. loaned me to assist in the hop-a-long. Know when something you do or say just feels like the motions or words of someone else? He used to fling his cane around to point at things and to stop traffic when jay-walking and not actually use it for it's supportive purpose.

Now I am beat. I've become a napper in the past few days. I have never been one to nap. My fractured foot is still really swollen but not nearly as sore. I think I have figured out the best way to stand on it. What's worrying me now is the wound on my knee that is not healing and just seems to get worse. Gonna google that problem right now!

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