Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

I had a really nice Thanksgiving weekend and I hope you did too!

On Saturday I enjoyed a nice evening in Oakville with the family at my Aunt I. and Uncle E.'s house. They always put out a huge and delicious feast. Aunt I. makes the best chicken wings ever! I am still savouring them! It was great to see my Dad's three sisters together. And it was probably my last chance to see Aunts G. and E. before they head off again.
(These fruits were merely the toppings for the scrumptious post-feast Belgian waffles. So good...)

Then on Sunday I hitched a ride with A. up to G. and A.'s Mom and Stepdad's house in Collingwood for a true Thanksgiving turkey bonanza complete with all the trimmings including two types of stuffing.
My Friend was still in my bag from weeks ago when the Sis returned him to me, so he had a gander at the Village at Blue Mountain. Really could not resist.
Then today we headed home again. It was a quick visit! We picked up some honey crisp apples along the way. I am addicted to them... but one cannot OD on apples, right?
We also managed to track down the best tomatoes ever from this man that also sells the wood pictured above.
We drove through the scenic rolling hills of Airport Road as we headed back to the city to enjoy some good ol' Swiss Chalet dirty bird with G. and A.'s Dad and Stepmom. G. was also just back from Dublin, so it was a nice ending to a charming weekend full of good cheer, good company and thanks!

Oh yeah! I am convinced that my foot is half healed. I have been feeling better day by day and the road-rash on my knee seems to finally be improving. I have never needed so much sleep as I have of late, but perhaps this is because I am expending so much energy on the healing process.

I'm looking forward to a busy work week ahead and an appointment at the fracture clinic so I can find out what the heck is up with this foot!

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