Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, I hope everyone hated Nuit Blanche and that it was a terrible bore... I ended up missing everything. On our way out with a big group, before seeing a single Nuit Blanche installation, I fell and tore a hole through my jeans and skinned my knee. Got up and thought, I'm fine, let's carry on. Uh... nope... my right foot could not bear weight. So, I was thrown in a cab and rode the three blocks home. On Sunday I rested and hobbled about. Then on Monday, I was unable to get in to see my family doc, so I planned on ignoring the whole thing. It was bearable except when putting weight on that part of the foot. By the afternoon, I was encouraged to go get it checked out so C. took me to a walk-in clinic and I waited and waited and waited and apparently missed my turn and was bumped to the end of the queue and waited and waited and complained with other people waiting. Finally saw a doctor 4 hours later and who sent me for an x-ray. By then, the lab had closed for the night so I returned on Tuesday morning. Once scanned, the lab sent me back to the clinic with the results burned on CD. No one was able to read my x-ray that day and the clinic said they would call in 2-3 days with the results. What? Wait 2-3 days for a phone call? So I went back to the x-ray lab and they saw my exasperation (more like mental breakdown) and without saying so, indicated that I had broken something and I should now go to emerg. So off to Mount Sinai we went. There I waited and waited and waited again. Another 4 hours later, I am left with one of these.
I have fractured my 4th metatarsal. My foot's swollen and discoloured in a bruised kinda way. Hopefully I have not caught a cold/flu/swine/SARS/flesh-eating disease or anything of the like in the 8+ hours spent with sick people snarffffling away with their masks improperly hung from their ears. Thankfully more than one person was hugging their own personal bottle of antiseptic gel. So, I'm looking at a while of hobbling about and of course it is my driving foot/sewing foot. I'm glad I got it checked out and did not ignore it. Despite the wait, I am very happy with our medical system and how the whole thing worked out in the end. Next time (hopefully there will not be one) I'll just skip the walk-in clinic. And, the whole ordeal is only costing me the cost of the boot and not my life's savings. Yay for Canada!

Now I wait and wait and hope it heals up soon!

Sorry for my longwinded-ness! I have been consumed by this for a few days!

So, really, I hope everyone enjoyed Nuit Blanche. I'll wait for next year!

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