Friday, October 16, 2009

Some miscellaneous finds...

I am beginning to get extremely stir crazy with this silly busted foot of mine. I'm suffering from cabin fever and I think I could scream. This is all a good excuse to window shop online. Here's a selection of random lovely things that I found tonight...

Obviously, I won't be on a bike anytime soon, but it comes with a strap to wear it as a shoulder bag!

Acappella Hat in Grey Wool by terrygraziano. It has begun to get so cold outside. It's officially hat and glove season! I love the shape of this hat.

Here are more mustache options! These are just funny! Who would not want one?

These will not be fitting over my boot cast, but may be handy later in the season.

That's all for now... Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

All images taken from respective sellers' Etsy shops.

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