Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some finds at the One of a Kind Show

I've only managed to walk down a few aisles so far as it has been a busy show.  Haven't had much time to eat let alone stroll!  I did spot a few nice things and got some quick photos.  Here are some awesome paint chip place mats and table runners by Avril Loreti.  Thinking I need the place mats...  now what colours to pick...
Here are some of her other fantastic wares.
Grabbed a pair of these cozy wool socks for my wellies.  It's a constant quest for the perfect socks to warm them up for winter walks through the slush.

Got some of these beer bottles turned glasses from Artech Glass last year, but perhaps I will pick up the Czechvar ones this year, as lately that has been my beer of choice.
Also visited SLO and checked out her latest mittens and fuzzy delights.  Got a perfect pair that even the designer deemed the perfect mittens and now have to decide who to gift them to!

Hope to see some more tomorrow!

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