Tuesday, December 13, 2011


S. and S. had a few of us over the other night for an evening of gingerbread house making and merriment!  The boys were having no part of it, but K., S. and I enjoyed it.  I have never made a gingerbread house, not even as a kid, so I loved making them.  Well, S. did the tough part in making the actual gingerbread ahead of time and we did the fun part of constructing and decorating.
Took lots of pictures 'cause I loved all the colours and how different each house turned out to be.  I was told I was working at warp speed and I think it is because I spend a lot of my days assembling jewellery in the most efficient way possible, so fast is the only way I know.  I think I even chop my veggies in a methodical and quick way.  These hands are used to working!
How cute are our houses?  Almost too cute to eat!  Guess which one I decorated?

Thanks to S. and S. for a lovely evening!

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