Monday, December 19, 2011

My week in photos

I am fully addicted to photography apps.  My recent fave has been  Follow MoonRox on under the username MoonRoxJewellery.  Here is some of the last week in images.
Made cupcakes. 
Vintage beater = hard work, but I like the manual power!
Hosted a dinner party.  Love my good friends.
 Admired my colourful FireKing, Pyrex & Rosti kitchenware in the drying rack. 
 Visited the Monster Factory studio. 
Hung out with these guys... and Rhya too.
 Stopped in at Made You Look.
 Ate lots of fresh food.  
 Enjoyed some holiday shopping...
  and may or may not have brought some truffles home.
Brought out the lollipop tree.
 Did my nails holiday-style and popped up the insta-tree.

(Was more domestic this week than the whole year combined!)

Almost ready for the Holidays!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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