Saturday, December 31, 2011


This past week was lovely, relaxing, totally stress-free and Christmassy...   not much family was in town, but that meant more time for dear friends.  
Doodled a few random cards...  went for chicken wings and beers with some of my favourite peeps.
Had a small family dinner a few days before Christmas prior to Sister and W. heading off to see his family.  My prime rib turned out reasonably well.  I know what to do to improve it next time. 
Did some leisurely gift shopping and enjoyed the process of wrapping...
I missed my family, especially since this is the first Christmas without Grandma, but I've got to say that it was nice to not have to worry about much over the holiday... wandered the city, did anything I wanted on a whim, and since the 24th have done a minute amount of work...  maaaaybe a couple hours a day.  Feeling refreshed and excited, work-wise, for next year.
On Christmas Eve, Aunt L. and I went out for dinner and then went a catch a movie.
On Christmas Day I joined my friends, the L-O family.  Got lots of invitations from nice friends, as I was a bit of an orphan this year, and I so appreciate the kind offers.  It was a lovely day.  It was great to be a part of someone else's Christmas.  We gobbled good eats, hung out with their little girls, chatted about this and that and reminisced about the good old times when we were young and ridiculous!
Spotted a vintage MoonRox star ornament on their tree!  Still remember the feeling of making those, though it was a good decade ago...
On the 28th, my two friends J. Mo and Anita had guest roles in the Nutcracker!  The ballet was beautiful.  The set was stunning and the costumes intricate and amazing.  I loved it!  And I was so impressed with my two pals!
The Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts is a wonderful place...  must go more often.  Odd to think you can get a last minute or standing room ticket for an opera or ballet for less than the price of a flick.
This was J. Mo's post-show dinner.  Photo worthy...
Got mail from abroad...
Sipped hot tea... I made this cup in 2002...
Did some boxing day shopping...  Bit of a mistake.  The crowds were overwhelming.

Meant to spend more time reading my book and not doing much at all, but somehow the days flew by quickly.  Did get to see some friends that come home rarely, so I think my book can wait! 
Few hours remaining of  2011.  Hope you have some fun plans to ring in the new year... wherever you are!  Excited to see what 2012 will bring...  Happy New Year!!



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