Monday, December 12, 2011


Feel a bit like I am emerging from a cave after the past couple months!  I am so ready to relax over the Holidays...

I have spent the past week running around trying to get all the custom orders out and tending to store orders.  Have also been trying to re-immerse myself into the real world after spending so many days without any daylight and little food in a huge exhibition hall.  I'm trying to calorie load and gain some weight back!  Very good excuse to gorge on food and drink with good friends.
Also been fighting off what seems like a bi-annual cold that I come down with the second I relax.  So far so good.  Only got about 15% sick and kicked it.  Popping vitamins...  Crossing fingers...  Though I think I have a pinched nerve somewhere as both arms and both legs have been numb for the past 2 days.  I have no doubt my whole body is misaligned from hunching over working with my hands all of the time.
Had not a single pair of Foliage Earrings around...  Earrings in general were super low after the Show.  Made sure to make more.    
Was so happy to get my desk cleared (so to speak, 'cause it sure ain't clear) and sneak out on Friday afternoon for a nice lunch and shopping outing with KK.

We made a huge attempt to buy, but all that came home with us it this weird little guy.  His head and scarfed body lift up to reveal a candle.  He was too awesome and odd to pass up!
Now I have to get myself sorted for my own holiday celebrations and gift giving...
Went to City of Craft yesterday after brunch with the Sis.  So many great and random things there.  Got a couple things that will be gifted.
Made gingerbread houses on the weekend with friends.  Good way to get in the Holiday mood!  Pics to come.

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