Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cottage weekend

Got a chance to join S. and S. and crew at the Sharbot Lake cottage on this Labour Day long weekend. The weather folk called for severe thunderstorms and we got 'em, but we still managed to squeeze in plenty!

We got out on a calming boat ride,

sat by the fire, ate too many s'mores, and chatted and relaxed...

On Sunday, we luckily managed to play a huge horseshoe tournament with only two small rain delays. It's the twelfth year of the tourney with dozens of neighbouring cottagers and friends participating.

I learned that horseshoe throwing may not be one of my fort├ęs but it was still lots of fun!

Especially when batches of fresh cut "Reggie" fries are being served up.
Following the tournament, we gorged ourselves on a crock-pot potluck of delights galore! (And then followed the feast with some more late night s'mores...)
I had a lovely time! Thanks to S. and S. and especially Mr. and Mrs. G. for being such fantastic hosts!

Sad to see the last long weekend of Summer go by... it was a rude awakening to be hit with the temps in the low teens today! Tried to fool the weather with J. and T. at another one of their amazing long weekend barbecues. This one was the best I've been to yet! So much deliciousness and good company!

I was glad to have packed the weekend with so much. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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