Monday, September 12, 2011


These are some random photos that I've snapped lately on my phone.  
Piles of fruit...
 Sunset in the city...
Dress shopping with the Sister
Mint manicure with chocolate and sprinkles too...
 Patio dinner with S. 
Sun-dappled afternoon tea.

With most of my of work load cleared, for now, I took the weekend off and didn't think much of jewellery and such.  Really, I think I spent the entire weekend eating and drinking. Too many late nights in a row for this lady!  But I feel like I need to take advantage of life and do as much as a can.  Sometimes it's nice to pack the schedule with way too much!  Might need a few days to recover.  

Over the past few weeks our extended family has been able to spend some quality time together since the passing of my Grandmother.  Terrible circumstances, but it's definitely nice to see my Dad and his three sisters all together!  It's a fairly rare occurrence.  

In the next little while, I hope to re-organize my work space so that I am in good form for the busy season ahead.  Plus I need to compile a mental check list of things I want to do.  I want to plan a trip... I want to dig out the brushes and push the paints around a bit.  Have a few other creative endeavours and home improvements planned as well.  And I need to do more cooking... and go apple picking!

I really have to check myself and stop and appreciate that we have all these little pleasures, especially on days like September 11th.  Life is so fleeting.

Hope you had a nice weekend too.

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