Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dining around

Seem to be gorging non-stop lately.  Here are some photos from only a few of the food-stops along my way of eating ridiculous amounts over the past few weeks.  Not sure why I feel compelled to take pics of my food...  Last night we had a multi-course feast before Aunt E. leaves town today. The resto owner was barking at us to take photos of the meal but I refrained.
Coffee and donuts at Little Nicky's.
Remember Chiclets?  I liked the fruity ones best.
I didn't eat this odd tomato, but the Big Fat Burrito was mighty tasty!
Pork and rapini at Porchetta & Co.
Big family BBQ at Aunt I.'s place.  
(My Friend's presence was requested and so he came too.)

It was a fun and busy week!  Caught up with a bunch of different friends over some of the food above... saw Pearl Jam at the ACC... actually hung out with my neighbours after living on two sides of the same wall for 9 years... finished a crafty side-project... and got lots of work done!  And now for the weekend.  Hope you have a good one!  There is so much going on in the city.  Hope to pack a whole lot in...

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