Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finding a Fall shoe

... or boot is always on my list!  I need something I can walk around endlessly in that is not a runner.  Not that I wear runners!?  Would be great if I could bike in them too, but I suppose I can always add a rubber sole!

Here's a little list of a few that I am contemplating
These are super cute and would go with anything, but may not be comfortable enough for tons of walking.  Might still buy 'em!  Love the metal combined with the tassel on the laces.
These would be so easy to slip on and go!  I even love the navy though they look almost black to me.  I think I am getting over my navy blue phobia.  It has only taken 16.5 years.   
These look so odd but I somehow like them.  I'd switch out the laces for something less "running shoe" and wear them with dresses.  I know -- bit weird, but they look like pillows for your feet!
Think I may have blogged a similar pair before.  Shearling plus clog sounds ideal to me!
Some lovelies from Toronto shoe haven Chasse Gardée.  These with a pair of socks qualify as walking shoes, no?

A. and I tried these on the other day.  The leather is so buttery!  And they are comfortable!
These look much like the Lanvin boots my sis and I coveted last year, and as much as you don't want to support a knock off, these are much more affordable.  
This pair is for you, Miss S.  These are some good-looking nude oxfords!  And they are on sale!

That's it for now!  And the search continues!

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