Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas party!

On Sunday evening I attended my first Christmas Party of the season. Mr. and Mrs. C. hosted their annual party. They are not messing around. Every surface was decorated and I can never get over how much food Mrs. C. has made, and from scratch! To be honest, by this point in the year I am usually quite over Christmas with the insanity that the Fall brings work-wise. But how could one resist such Holiday-cuteness! Rudolph cookies!

I even spotted a couple of vintage MoonRox Ornaments tucked in the upstairs tree. There is a downstairs tree too, natch! I think I may think about reviving the Ornaments next year!
I am doing some late night blogging as I am doing laundry and making a huge pot of pasta sauce according to my Mom's recipe. I'm waiting for it to cool a wee bit before I freeze some. The days have been so busy lately that I can't seem to catch up!

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